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Default Eos water damage - roof seals, hydraulic pump, sound system

A while back an Eos owner here used the phrase "my hydraulic pump took a swim". Seems this happened to me. We had some unusually severe weather here and water got into my car, damaging a few things.

I'm looking for advice / tips on how to proceed.

The dealer hasn't completed a full diagnosis yet, but warned me this could be $10k+ of repairs. Some of it (e.g. replacing the seals) I know is needed and I think they are the best guys to do it (the tech there just finished another similar repair, and it sounds like they took their time and did a good job).

But I'm struggling to swallow a few other items on the estimate (e.g. hydraulic pump $1200, control unit $650). Granted it could turn out some of these don't need replacing, but if they do, I feel like I don't really need a brand new $650 control unit when I could get a second-hand one in decent condition off eBay for $150.

There might also be an issue with the nav head unit / wiring harness and/or stereo amp. The speakers intermittently stop working - at one point they came back on after the car was running for a while. (Anyone know where the amp is located in the Eos and what Dynaudio model it is?)

I'm weighing whether to proceed with the repairs or buy a new vehicle.

Aside from this utter disaster, I've taken great care of the car and pampered it (it lived in a garage most of its life until recently). Never had any engine issues, etc. and it's otherwise in good shape. Wish I had known about the "park facing downwards, not upwards" tip :-S.

I'd love some thoughts from others with more automotive experience. Is it worth going ahead? Any tips for trimming down the cost of my repair? e.g. I'm thinking I might be able to tackle the sound issue on my own. And maybe see if I can source alternatives acceptable to the tech for some of the parts which don't really need to be new (I anticipate dealerships probably don't like to hear that sort of thing - has anyone done that before, or is it a faux-paux that will just piss them off to suggest?)

Grateful for any advice.
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When you buy used stuff you never know if it is working... and very little warranty. I've seen stories about this, but indeed original new is a bit costly, so I would try that too. I'd probably change the control unit and pump by myself (and create a hole to never let it happen again). From what I've read it isn't that difficult.
The dynaudio amp is under the drivers seat.
you will also loose a lot of money when you are selling the car without the roof working...
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The dealer estimate is probably about right. Most dealers will replace the pump and controller together so I suspect a bad pump takes out the controller.

Personally, I would put the audio problem lower down than getting a working dry roof. You can always drop in a cheap Pioneer radio and still keep used value on the car.

You say buy parts cheaper on Fleabay? As Batjes says, you don't know what you are getting and you may have to code parts or check for errors so factor in the price of vcds diagnostics. Work on these cars is rarely plug and play to fix. There may be other collateral damage to sort. You could try getting a price from either a cabriolet specialist or an independent VW/Audi garage. There are firms now which are rebuilding the EOS pumps and in U.K I've seen them rebuilt for exchange around your $213. In my opinion a dealer price + always ends up at the +.

Your best investment would have been a half top cover. Although MY07 doesn't leak a drop, I have used the cover some nights when frost freezing was forecast and those rare occasions when we might get hurricane winds. The cover stays in the trunk for emergencies.

The prices you are being quoted will be mostly expensive labor and VW dealerships can be the most expensive. I would try to trim the labor first, which means a non-VW service shop with the experience.
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