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Old 12-08-2009, 11:54 AM   #26
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Smile how i found out about the eos

i was finally ready for a fun car.. hell we worked hard... two kids, a paid off home... hubby just returned from iraq... and Im 33 why the heck not!

I started looking into the mustang conv. just too cramped and it wasnt doing anything for me... test drove the mustand a few times and other similiar muscle conv...

I was gettign frustrated... then i just started doing internet research naming every car company and addding conv to the search engine... low and behold... i searched VW conv.. and EOS popped up.

call me naive but I thought all conv where soft tops.. the concept of a hard top was interesting and different.. RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

That weekend... we went to the VW showroom and saw one LIVE.. i asked the salesman for test ride... when he pulled up around the bend, with the top down (it was still very warm for a mid october day) my jaw dropped... i drove it and LOVED IT! then he showed me how the hard topped worked... and i was hooked...

SOOOOOO..... i loved the new ones... but i started looking into gently used EOS and came across a 2007 silver lux sports .. with the upgrades stereo with 21,000 miles at a price that no one could pass up. and IT IS PERFECT! even if its winter and we just started getting snow.. i can't really enjoy it as much ... but that's okay! just a few more months!
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Old 01-02-2010, 09:18 AM   #27
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I first came across the Eos after returning from 4 months in the Falkland Islands in September '08. The girlfriend and myself were going on holiday to Spain and we'd decided to hire a convertible to drive round in. The hire agreement was for a Renault Megane Convertible, but when we arrived at Alicante airport the hire company hadn't any left - so they gave us an Eos 2.0TDI instead. During that holiday I had a thorough 2 week long test drive round the mountains and coastal roads of SE Spain - in a much better car than the Reggie Migraine. From then on the idea of getting an Eos was set in my head. On the 1st August '09 I took delivery of my very own brand spanking new Eos.

'10 VW Eos SE 2.0TDI in Salsa Red tuned to 170 bhp and 280 lbf.ft by Superchips and fitted with the red "I" to suit. Cruise Control retro-fitted by Hazzy Dayz. Also with 17" Le Mans Wheels, Titanium Black Vienna Leather Upholstery, RCD510 Stereo, Chrome Boot Lid Trim, Wind Deflector, Mud Flaps, Osram Nightbreaker Headlight Bulbs, Philips Silver Vision Front Indicator Bulbs.

'99 Honda VFR800Fi in Italian Red.
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Old 01-02-2010, 10:49 PM   #28
Barry C.
Barry C-All
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I have always fancied a convertible, but also considered that in our lawless society with invisible disinterested police and no effective deterents or consequences to thieves and vandals, it did not seem a good idea.
Looked around at the folding tin roof cars of all makes and concluded that the Eos (mine's a 3.2 DSG )was better than most, on quality and price. Having just sold my motorcycle, I couldn't resist, and not only that, my wife likes it as well, which is an even bigger bonus

Regards Barry.
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Old 09-04-2010, 03:11 PM   #29
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Me and the Mrs were looking for a car back in 2006 and spotted one in a VW dealers (brand new). Couldnt afford one then (over 22 grand uk £) but we bought a S/H Golf 140 bhp DSG and said then that when they start coming on the market S/H we mite afford one. Well we did two months ago and now own an 08 20 TSI DSG in silver essence.
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Old 09-04-2010, 08:42 PM   #30
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Needed a new car as my T reg polo had done over 100k and the boot would fly open at random times. Also, the driver door would not open and the window retract so couldnt resist when the gov't would offer 2000 pounds to scrap it. Add to that a 3.5k discount on a brand new model and I had to get one. I did fancy the scirrocco but the 5.5k discount, pre sep2009 price rise and 15% vat price made it too good an offer to miss, especially as convertibles usually never have good discounts and hold their price.
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Old 09-05-2010, 09:06 PM   #31
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Doing a simple comparison on I liked the look of the convertible over my then Jetta. One search on Youtube and I was very impressed.

The funny thing is about 6 months ago, I wasn't even looking and came across a youtube video of Volvo's hard Top convertible and was amazed at how it looked going up/down. When I saw the Eos on Youtube, I had to see it in person. Drive down to dealership, looked at a 2009 used and decided I wanted 6sp manual and they only had new 2010 w/ manual and Satnav.

Drove it home that day.
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Old 09-07-2010, 01:37 PM   #32
Growing old disgracefully
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I was working in Germany when it was first released there and saw one being delivered to a dealer, it was a fairly nasty shade of dark blue and I said something about what a boring colour for such a good looking motor. That was a miracle in itself as I don’t like VWs in general. I didn’t even realise what it was at that moment let alone that it has a folding roof. The dealer explained the features, demonstrated the roof and let us have a brochure to drool over.

We already had a Peugeot 306 Cab for fun and wanted something else just a little more practical, something with a folding roof like the 2 SLKs we’d had and enjoyed so much.

Fortune smiles on he that waits and two years later we were in a position to order a fully speced up EOS. Deep joy!
2008, 2.0 TDi Sport Auto, Deep Black, Black Leather, Xenons, Dynaudio, SmartTop; in fact everything except underseat storage
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Old 10-17-2010, 03:56 AM   #33
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I hate the whole car buying process with a passion, so when the time comes that I find the need for a new vehicle, I try to do as much preliminary shopping on-line as possible. I won't purchase a brand new vehicle due to instant depreciation. I had 5 basic criteria in my search this time; leather seats, sunroof, under 40k miles, 3 or less years old and under $20k. I came across the Pontiac G6 and, even though it didn't have a sunroof, it did have a convertible hard top. Digging deeper into the G6, I read a review that highly recommended the VW EOS as a superior choice. This was the first I had ever heard of this car! Needless to say, when I discovered that it was not only a convertible but ALSO offered the panoramic sunroof, I was smitten! Living in the suburbs of Houston, Texas I expected to find many for sale, but to my surprise only came across a dozen or so. My hubby made arrangements over the phone to purchase the one I narrowed it down to. We went in, took a drive, signed the paperwork and drove our perfect new baby home! Needless to say, we have been racing to the driveway every morning to beat each other to the car. It is simply a joy to drive! I am amazed however that there are not more of these dream machines out and about on the road...I have never seen one before mine!
Happy driving!
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Old 01-14-2011, 07:40 AM   #34
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I had a 2nd hand 2001 Toyota Camry for about 1.5 years, and was getting pretty bored of it. It was too large and too boring of a car for a single, handsome guy like me I always wanted a convertible, so i started researching on the Ford Mustang conv, BMW 1 series etc. I could not find anything that i really liked.

I was complaining about this to my friend one day, and he suggested looking at the Eos. One look at VW's website, and I was hooked for life! (especially when i saw the 3-d view of the top going up and down). Got a brand new Salsa Red car, and have been in love with it ever since!
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Old 01-20-2011, 10:12 AM   #35
Wyld Bill
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My daughter bought a Beatle in 2007 and we went with her to co-sign the loan. Saw the Eos in the showroom, sitting all nice and pretty with the top down. As we had just purchased a second car, we decided it would have to wait. We ended up paying off that second car (not a VW) last December. Ended up looking again at HT/Convert's and bought a 2011 Komfort, in Salsa Red. Put the top down and drove it home!
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Old 03-01-2011, 11:56 PM   #36
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Default How Did You Find Out About the Eos?

I recently retired early and my wife and I were ready for some excitement. We had been looking in the direction of an MR2 but they were too noisy to drive with them being a rag top. I simply plugged into the search engine the phrase 'convertible hard top' and up popped the Eos! It showed way more bang for the buck than a comparable BMW or Volvo hard top convertible.

As others have noted already, until then we had never heard of them. I found one for sale and began emailing back and forth with the sales associate (unbeknown to my wife). They were located nearly 60 miles from where we lived, but he was willing to drive it all the way to my town and show it to me. So, I began easing my wife into the idea of giving it a test drive.

As we left the house, my wife let me know that this was all my decision and she was not a part of it. I have to confess: I am a member of AA-Automobiles Anonymous, so I couldn't blame her!

At any rate, once we met up with the sales associate, I took the wheel for the first half of the test drive. No response from the wife. However, once she sat behind the wheel and gave it the gas, she said "I want this!" So, needless to say, we bought it and have not looked back! In fact, it was certified and came with an additional 2 year or 24,000 bumper to bumper warranty and she said that, as soon as the two years are up, we are going to trade it in on a newer pre-owned one! How's that for the Eos selling itself?

2007 Lux, Reflex exterior, Charcoal Leather interior, blast to drive Eos.
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Old 05-31-2011, 01:40 AM   #37
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After living near the beach in SC for four years, we thought it might be nice to have something a little more "beachy" than our wagon and our SUV. Looked around for available convertibles and REALLY liked the look of the Eos (both top up and top down). Took one for a test drive at the dealer and was hooked.

So, we traded in the wagon for a white 2012 ... have put about 1300 miles on it so far (mostly with the top down !). VERY happy with the decision to get the Eos.
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Old 12-19-2011, 04:01 PM   #38
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Got the bug for a convertible after retiring, started the typical internet searches and on a weekend, drove around to several dealerships to test drive a few different used models that were on the lots. Was only looking for 'gently used' as the instant depreciation is a BIG cost factor and this was supposed to be only a second 'fun' car and not a daily driver.

Had identified a Pontiac Solstice as a possibility as I also looked at older Le Mons or GTO convertibles and have always liked Pontiacs, but really wanted the modern conveniences. Took drives in a few other manufacturer convertibles that were on the lots, no pressure, just wanted to feel the cars. Almost bought a 2008 Solstice, it was a blast to drive, but the trunk space was lacking and the dealer would not come down enough in price.

Next few days stopped by a Mini place (used late models) to take a test drive and the salesman had let me take the convertible Mini out by myself and upon my return I mentioned that it was nice, but just not it, he said "What about the VW's over there?", and pointed to about 7 EOS's they had on the lot. I've had VW's before but was not interested in a convertible beetle so hadn't even known about the EOS.

I said "But those aren't convertibles?"

Of course my jaw dropped as he demonstrated the top. So I took another test drive, loved the turbo power + the back seats when needed, and the trunk space, and the gas economy if you just cruise and don't stomp on it isn't bad at all (I can get upwards of 35+ mpg on mine). After returning with the permanent grin that was plastered on my face, and the giggles every time I open or close the top on my Transformer car, kinda say it all. Unfortunately the cost was more than I wanted to do as I would have to trade in and not get it as a second car.

After another EOS test drive at a CARMAX place that gave me a trade in value on my current car, and an E-bay search the next day; I ended up purchasing a 2009 from a different stealership one state away, with low miles and most of the factory warranty still in place, for about 15K off the original selling price. It was a fantastic deal that they tried to back out of (or increase the price) 3 times after signing a contract. I feel great about the car, it really was a fantastic deal, but the stealership was not happy that I held them to their advertized price we signed a contract on. I flew in and drove the car home one week after test driving the original EOS I had ever seen.

If I want a newer model, I'll go back to the original place. They are a Mini dealer in Tempe, AZ and have been around for a while. The only reason I didn't buy from them is the final cost was too good of a deal. I saved about 5K and got a one year newer model, by getting the car from the stealership, with the added satisfaction of sticking it to a stealership that usually screws customers.

I still grin every time I drive almost a year later. I get compliments at drive up windows all the time, and the looks when I put the top up in a parking lot, or the "cool" comments from kids and adults are a blast.

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When we decided to get married my wife gave up her dream to have a sports car and we used the money for a deposit on a house. Years and many Fords later her criteria for a new car was it must have a “sunroof”.
I now wanted a convertible so last year when I showed her the EOS the only car to have both and how the sunroof opens up then the roof folds down she was memorised ... and both our dreams have come true.
2010 BlueMotion SE Salsa Red, Personalized Number Plate, RNS 510 Style Sat Nav, Multiple Cameras, Cruise Control and wind deflector
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Old 08-25-2016, 05:52 PM   #40
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Living on Long Island, I wanted a hardtop roof that can work well with 4 seasons here in New York. So I did a google search in September 2015 and right after the Mazda Miata, the Eos was listed, which I never heard of before (or never took notice). I went to the dealership, and he had told me that this was the last year for the model (before VW announced an extended run into 2016) and he had two Konfort models left, a black and a brown. I took the brown as I liked the contrasting tan interior.
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Old 08-27-2016, 12:33 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by ecavuoto View Post
Living on Long Island, I wanted a hardtop roof that can work well with 4 seasons here in New York. So I did a google search in September 2015 and right after the Mazda Miata, the Eos was listed, which I never heard of before (or never took notice). I went to the dealership, and he had told me that this was the last year for the model (before VW announced an extended run into 2016) and he had two Konfort models left, a black and a brown. I took the brown as I liked the contrasting tan interior.
I hope ya got a couple days use w top down. Texas rain has kept ours up way more than I want.
2014 Eros 2.0T Candy White w beige interior. Sunshine mobile.
2014 Passat TDI Long trip cruiser.
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Old 08-27-2016, 09:25 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by 1texansfan1 View Post
I hope ya got a couple days use w top down. Texas rain has kept ours up way more than I want.
With the exception of the heat wave we have in the beginning of August (95 to 100 degrees...and a couple of days even higher) I've been topless since April!
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Old 08-28-2016, 12:25 AM   #43
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When I discovered the Eos, I wasn't even shopping for a convertible. I was looking for a nice coupe that wasn't a bargain-basement subcompact car and also not a sports car wannabe "pony" car. I pretty much went to each manufacturer's website looking for their 2-door offerings. When I got to VW and saw the Eos, I realized that I could have all the advantages of a coupe with the added bonus of a retractable hardtop for sunnier days -- all for a price lower than the other cars I was considering.

Reading through this thread, it's a shame VW didn't promote the Eos more. It seems like many of us discovered the car by chance. Had it been advertised more, it may have been more successful.
2014 Eos Executive, Horizon Blue Metallic exterior and Cornsilk Beige leather interior
2.0 turbo, satellite navigation, back-up camera, rear lip spoiler, chrome exhaust tips
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