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Old 07-17-2010, 01:19 PM   #1
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Default Remove rear bumper

One of the parking sensors has fallen out, and the car is JUST out of warranty. Although there is no collision / damage VW will not replace the sensor without charging. Looking at removing the bumper, anyone done it or have advice
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I wouldn't touch the job with a ten foot pole. I think it's a job for a body shop. I accidentally pulled the bottom piece out a bit when it got jammed over a log and I pulled ahead. This is the piece below the piece that contains the parking sensors and it is held in place with several clips.

I assume if you got the bottom piece off, you might be able to reach in under the top piece and adjust the parking sensors.

The body shop that reattached my lower bumper piece only charged me $70. I think he had to replace a couple of clips in reattaching the piece.

Good Luck...

PS What caused the parking sensor to go into the hole?
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Actually if you got some patience its pretty easy i was backing out the a parking and this lady was doing it 2 she ended up denting my back bumper i went home took it apart and fixed in less than an hour and am no mechanic
you just have to have some common sense in removing it not to jank it
once you remove all screws it will come out nice and easy xcept 1 place where you open the trunk middle part u have to put a flat screwdriver and press down on the lock/plastic thingy and it just falls off if you want to save some money go ahead and do it if you need more info i can make a video post in on youtube of all locations of screws for you but i highly recommend u try it easy and you get to bond with ur car or when u back up on something and dent it like me you can fix it
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Old 07-07-2016, 01:43 PM   #4
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Hi Masterchief, I have the same problem and I too don't want to pay the exorbitant VW prices. Your entry makes it sound simple but I am a complete numbskull when it comes to car maintenance. I did try - honest - but to no affect. So can I please take you up on your offer to make a video and post it on Youtube? Thanks you
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Old 12-18-2016, 10:31 PM   #5
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dont mean to bump this super old thread but since no one has really posted on the forums about this problem, ill just add onto it. I am having the same issue as OP. I was cleaning the car and when I moved the towel over one of the sensors, it just fell right in..? I was so confused because I thought these sensors were a larger diameter on the outside and held in by clips and the harness but nope, they are held on by 3m double sided tape Anyway, to get the bumper off you have to pull off the carper behind the tail lights and remove them. then just work your way around the bumper taking off all the screws and slide the bumper back away from the car and unclip the sensors. I went through and peeled off all the sensors and super glued them on... I dont know why I would ever want these taken off so im not gonna go to the dealer to get double sided tape like you would a poster on a wall. These are never coming off now...
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Old 12-19-2016, 12:05 PM   #6
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One thing I've learned about VW is their adhesives are poor and fail. This applies to the mirror glasses, tops of the door card trims and other places.

I have 3 solutions that work for me better than the VW design: 1. I clean all the mating surfaces and use black silicone sealer. That fixes well on flat surfaces with a reasonable contact area, but can always be peeled away. The second option is the double sided foam pads they sell for fixing rear view mirrors to glass, the third option is to use the self adhesive backed foams sold for body shop use. In the latter 2 cases warm the self adhesive pad and cleaned surfaces first before applying.

As for removing the rear bumper, most of the VW trims need some cunning to work out their fixings - they often use plastic mushroom pegs clips or hooks and you have to accept they will sometimes break. The worst are the sliding plastic wedge like hooks which are formed with the moulding. Break those and you have a problem. If you are keeping your EOS you should buy mushroom pegs from the Stealer. I did this for my door card pegs, although I'm 90% good now at removing them without breaking.

One good reason for getting hold of a shop manual is it tells you the location and number of fasteners to remove. Some of the 'poppers' for the trunk rear panel are cleverly disguised and easily missed. But you just carefully lever with a plastic trim remover tool (you need those) and explore the areas which are still held firm.

Superglue is hard setting and doesn't normally bond to ABS plastic although it might appear to when you first apply it.
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parking sensor, remove bumper

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