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Default Removing Passenger Seat & Rails,

Does anyone know how to remove the passenger seat & rails? My kid spilled milk down in between the seat and console and it's starting to smell. I need to clean in there real good. (I know, shame on me for letting that in the car, 'the milk not the kid'). HELP!!
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There are four bolts holding the seat & rails to the floor. To access the front two, move the seat all the way back. Move the seat forward to access the rear two. Problem is that the bolts need a "triple square" bit, also called XZN. It's a goofy style you'll see on German cars. You can get a set online for less than $20, or check out your local auto parts store.

You don't want to use an incorrect bit, such a standard spline or torx - you'll goon the bolt up.

Instead of completely removing the seat from the car, tilt the seat back forward, then tilt the entire seat towards the rear seats once the bolts are out. I did this when installing an underseat storage compartment, so it should give you plenty of room to get to your kid's milk spill. This way you also avoid unhooking the wire harness & disconnecting the battery. If you don't disconnect the battery before unhooking the seat harness, you could throw an airbag or passenger restraint code.
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Milk is the worst thing to have spilt in a car. You think you have cleaned it up, but every day your car sits in hot sunshine it will honk and smell like cheese when you drive it. Then small fly bugs start to infest and come out of the front air vents when the cabin fans go on. It may sound like a horror story but it really can be like this.

Take trouble to lift the carpets. These are artifical materials and can take a good soaking with a bio wash powder solution and bleach, then hang out to dry. Pay particular attention to nooks and crannies on the floor under carpets.
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