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Thumbs down Anyone had a megatronic unit go ?

Anyone had a megatronic unit go ? We have a 57 plate 2.0 TDI VW Auto Individual Eos from new. Started playing up about a month ago, very jerky & gears jumping around . Took it to the garage & 3 weeks later still not sorted. Very frustrated now as they said it would take about fifteen days because they had to order the part. No courtesy calls, so annoying. Just can't believe how it's taking them so long to fix. Would love to hear off anyone who has experienced the same problem. All feedback would be appreciated ! The only good thing it's still under warranty as we're told it would cost thousnds !

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Yes I have!

It is actually known as a Mechatronic Control Box. I had one of the early Audi TT's with what was then known as the 'DSG' gearbox.

Eact same symptoms. It took months to pin down the problem through Audi UK and indeed Germany. Eventually, after several attempts to cure the problem via software, technicians in Germany sent over the Mechatronic Control Unit. It is apparently a fairly ordinary looking box thats sits externally on the DSG gearbox, or at least that is what I was told by the technicians in the UK. However, you are quite correct about the cost. The cost of the Mechatronic Box was 2200 alone. Like you, thank heavens for the warranty.

Hope all goes well for you.

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Not to diminish this great forum, but there's a bunch of stuff on DSG & Mechatronic issues in the DSG section over on VWVortex:

Check out the "Unofficial DSG Issues" thread, in particular. Amongst the Tales of Woe, you may find some good tips on how to argue with the dealer if it can't fix your transmission to your satisfaction.

There's also a link for reporting DSG problems to the NHTSA due to potential safety concerns, but that's U.S. only, of course.

Good luck!
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Wink Thanx 4 feeback guys !

Thanx for the feedback guys. Had a call from the VW garage today & still no insight into getting the part in. Can't believe how long does it take to get a part for a car ! So so frustrating we're now going into the fourth week.
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I have a 2008 with 2.0T and DSG. The transmission can be jerky, but you learn to go easy with the gas for smooth launches. 90% of the time it is fine. This setup really hates stop and go traffic.
Car rolls back on stops on hills
I only drive it in D. When I put it into SPORT, it is very nervous and jerky all the time. When coming to a stop, the transmission is very harsh on the downshifting.

2008 VW Komfort EOS, Candy White, Beige interior, 2.0T, DSG, all ava. options for this model in US.
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Originally Posted by Lopaka View Post
Car rolls back on stops on hills
I had this same issue. And I was afraid I'd go right through my
garage door when driving up driveway. Totally unacceptable for
a new vehicle. So I notified the dealer. Had Mechatronics Unit re-
placed, but issue continued. Ended up having tranny replaced.
That was at beginning of January. The dealer did not give me the
runaround. I had the mechanic ride along with me to illustrate the
issue, and he said he'd never seen that problem before. They were
very cooperative. I was very lucky (from reading on here and the
other forum how others' issues have been handled by dealers). No
more issues.

I did write about it in length here as well as

Good luck to you.

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Default Mechatronic Unit

VW 2.o TDI 2006. The Garage had its first attempt to replace the Mechatronic Unit 5 weeks ago. The first replacement failed as did the second. They are in the process of ordering another replacment unit. Hope this one works!
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i have a 2008 EOS 2.0T - so i have taken my car to the dealership about 4 time already with the same issue and only now did they take me serious and order the megatronic unit .... after reading some of your post .. to those of you who have gotten a new one - does all the problems finally go away ??

ps. anyone who has an EOS - have you guys had problems with the top
i used to have a 2007 eos NEW and in a year and two months they gave me a new one now i have a 2008 and my top is still messed up.. ive had about 3 different things go bad each time .. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM ???
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Yup - they replaced mine just before the warranty run out because I told them at the 3rd annual service that it judders in reverse.
Gear changes are much smoother now, both forward and reverse - hope yours improves.
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Dawn V.
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My 2008 Eos is having the same issue as I write. It has always been a little jerky but lately I have noticed it really having difficulty while accelerating. I told the dealer about it on the 30K mile check but they found nothing. This time however, they did experience the issue also. The dealer has been very accomodating and I have recommended I drive the loaner Tiguan until the parts come in from Germany in a week or so! They have assured me it is still safe to drive, but insist I keep the Tiguan I hope that this will rectify the issue.
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