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modmmax 06-13-2019 06:03 PM

Another stereo/nav story. Sorry
Hello All,
My wife and I bought a used 2014 EOS last October. Drove it for about a month and parked it in a heated shop for the winter. Put a charger on the battery (without disconnecting it) midway through the winter. Car started fine this spring and everything works OK with the exception of the stereo/nav system. It started to take a while for it to begin working but when it finally came to life, it worked normally. I did a "hold the volume button in for 60 seconds" reset and that seemed to improve things. However, a few weeks later it will not come to life. The screen is either black or displays the VW logo with "welcome to VW" along the bottom edge. That said, the VW logo is split and 1/2 shows up along the left edge of the screen and 1/2 shows up along the right side. My unit has 4 buttons along the sides. I have been to the dealer and he suggests bringing it to the shop for a scan. I have a feeling that I will pay $100 to hear that the unit needs to be replaced. Looking for suggestions. Any/all help appreciated.

Techvet 06-14-2019 12:35 AM

Sounds like you have the RNS 510, which if youíre in the US means you have a EOS Executive Model. The RNS 510 was used in a lot of the higher VW models here in the US, including our former 2012 VW Tiguan. Our experience was that the unit tended to be slow compared to the RNS 315, which is what we have in our 2014 EOS Komfort model. There were some firmware patches along the way for the RNS 510, but I donít recall what your experiencing being one of the symptoms. However, it wouldnít hurt to to see if it can be upgraded. Even if you just have corrupted firmware, then the update should fix it. There are a number of vendors who sell the upgrade DVD, which autoboots when inserted. We used one of the eBay vendors with success. I searched and heís now selling a firmware upgrade and navigation maps update package for $75. Make sure when you look at these that you get one specific to the US. I donít know how ones for other countries will work.

aku-aku 06-14-2019 05:19 AM

Spot on, Techvet. Those who are sufficiently computer-savvy could try downloading the firmware and burning it on to a CD - searching the internet for "rns510 us firmware download" will yield results.

In the unlikely event that the firmware reinstallation doesn't work, there are third-party specialists who would take care of repairing the RNS510. This is not the dealer's area of expertise, and it's not likely that a scan would show anything meaningful up.

My approach would be: try downloading and burning a firmware update CD; if that won't fix it, order a firmware and loader CD off eBay; if that won't fix it, look for a repair service and send it in to them.

modmmax 06-14-2019 02:14 PM

Thanks to those who responded. I live in eastern Canada so as suggested, I likely need the US version of the firmware. I think I am making some progress. Called the dealer and asked if they had the software updates. No surprise that they have no idea what I am talking about. Went to kijiji (buy sell website) and found someone in Toronto who is selling a firmware update disc. Sent them an email. Nothing back yet. Here is a link to their ad. They talk about specific versions of the rns510. Would appreciate an opinion about the technical info in the ad.

There is a dealer in Moncton, NB. Might call there today to see if they know anything about the updates. Thanks again for the help. More as it happens.

modmmax 06-15-2019 07:32 PM

Update. Made contact with someone in Toronto who claims to have the software for rns510. He asked me for the delivery part # and the SW version #. I provided the numbers. He shared a pic of his radio, showing the screen with his numbers. Mine are slightly different. My Delivery part # is 3C0035684L. My SW version is 5374. His was slightly different. I questioned whether the software would work on my radio and was assured that the software would work. So, I intend to try it. Should have it near the end of next week. I will write an update once I have it installed. Thanks to those who chimed in on this. More later. One more thing. He also has the latest version of the maps. I decided not to buy the map updates since the car rarely leaves the island and the maps we have seem to work fine. Would appreciate opinions of the wisdom of that choice. He is mailing the disc to me Monday so I have time to change my mind.

aku-aku 06-19-2019 06:22 AM

I have just updated my firmware and maps. I got the firmware and map DVDs from people selling unofficial versions, so they were on recordable DVDs rather than original media. The firmware update ran fine, but the map DVD just did not work - not even in my computer; on the RNS510 it just sat looping trying to read the disc and never got as far as a progress bar.

If you want to update your maps, you can do this by recording a CD and copying the maps to an 8GB SD card. I followed these instructions and they were successful. If you can't find a good official or unofficial source of the discs, you can find and download the ISO image with a little internet searching, and skip a few steps in the instructions.

Your firmware version is interesting as the site I usually refer to seems to be based around the European versions. You'll have to trust that the guy knows what he's doing, and seeing as he's on the right continent, I would.

modmmax 06-27-2019 10:55 PM

Problem solved
Ordered the firmware update disc. It came today and worked like a charm. Perfect outcome to this problem. Very pleased.

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