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Default Another stereo/nav story. Sorry

Hello All,
My wife and I bought a used 2014 EOS last October. Drove it for about a month and parked it in a heated shop for the winter. Put a charger on the battery (without disconnecting it) midway through the winter. Car started fine this spring and everything works OK with the exception of the stereo/nav system. It started to take a while for it to begin working but when it finally came to life, it worked normally. I did a "hold the volume button in for 60 seconds" reset and that seemed to improve things. However, a few weeks later it will not come to life. The screen is either black or displays the VW logo with "welcome to VW" along the bottom edge. That said, the VW logo is split and 1/2 shows up along the left edge of the screen and 1/2 shows up along the right side. My unit has 4 buttons along the sides. I have been to the dealer and he suggests bringing it to the shop for a scan. I have a feeling that I will pay $100 to hear that the unit needs to be replaced. Looking for suggestions. Any/all help appreciated.
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