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Thanks aku-aku, yes it does Long Coding. It also shows the help text - the same as VCDS. However because its a handheld tool with a 3.2" colour screen (and not a laptop or, say, OBD11 with a 10" tablet) it scrolls and scrolls through the text. VCDS has the long code helper, OBD11 has additional "one click apps" which guide you through setting of eg long codes. I didn't try amending a long code in my own car, so I don't know whether the scanner will help and ask for it byte-by-byte, or you'd need to enter the whole thing at once (which is awkward on its keypad).

Anyway, here's some screenshots to give a better idea:

DSC_0769 reduced.jpg

DSC_0770 reduced.jpg

DSC_0771 reduced.jpg

DSC_0772 reduced.jpg

DSC_0773 reduced2.jpg

DSC_0774 reduced2.jpg

DSC_0775 reduced2.jpg

One other thing worth mentioning - VCDS and OBD11 only 'support' VW Group; yes they have OBD2 too, but officially its not supported; while Foxwell make many other scan tools including cheaper OBD2 generic ones, ones for other manufacturers, and more expensive stuff. OBD2 functionality is fully supported on the NT500. This is partly what swayed me, for if/when I work on other cars too.

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