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Originally Posted by voxmagna View Post
I looked at the start of your troubles and scenarios which might have caused the first problems. Fuel injectors and pumps are usually pretty reliable and should run for thousands of miles. One random failure would be unusual, but two suggests something else is going on? In all the gas and diesel cars I've owned I've never replaced a fuel injector under 100k miles.

Have you thought about whether you might have contaminated dirty fuel and considered flushing through the fuel system and replacing filters?

If you aren't running decent diagnostics with helper files you are in the hands of your repair shop who will have better kit and experience. Cheaper diagnostics will just spit out a stored error code and not much more. Decent diagnostics kit will have some real time monitoring of engine performance variables which makes it a more useful tool if you know how to use it and interpret the results.
The two injectors were replaced because VW deemed them faulty and extended their warranty to 100K miles. I was hoping to get the other two replaced, but VW will not replace until they go bad. The car is currently at a local repair facility and has been for 4 days. After talking with them yesterday it appears they do not have decent diagnostic software. The mechanic, who owns a GTI and seems very versed with VW's, has been using his personal software but seems stumped. I talked with him about how the dealer wanted to replace the secondary air pressure sensor and kombi valve two years ago. I took it to my local repair place at the time and their Ross-Tech diagnostic said only the sensor was bad, which they replaced. Could the kombi valve be bad? Would it throw a specific code?
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