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Default When to refuel

Is there any good reason to refuel at 1/2 tank?
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Default When to refuel

Not that I can think of. For many of my cars over the years I hardly drove with more than 1/2 tank of gas. Often I would only refuel when I thought I was driving on fumes. Part of it is why drive around with that excess weight? (~6.25 lb/gallon)

Now, I'm speaking about driving around town where gas stations are numerous and I'm just doing errands. If I'm traveling any significant distance, I will usually fill or nearly fill the tank. I've been driving for 50+ years and have yet to run out of gas.

VW recommends 91 octane for the Eos. In my area I have the choice of 87, 89, and 93. What I try to do is roughly split the tank between 89 and 93 on consecutive fillups to average out to 91 and save some money.
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Often I would only refuel when I thought I was driving on fumes.
That's a very bad idea because even with fuel line filters an efi engine can suffer expensive damage if particles get through and these are most likely to be near the bottom of the tank. I read many stories of USA gas stations selling bad gas clogging up engines. Presumably if they have a slow turnover of sales, they are doing what you do and only invest in small volumes of fuel which you then draw off from the bottom of their tanks?

Another reason you shouldn't run near empty is the low (but high) pressure fuel pump relies on being fully immersed in fuel to keep it running cool. As a rule I don't run a gas tank lower than 1/4 full and rarely see the low fuel light come on. Sooner or later on a modern car you may have a fuel supply problem and the cost of repair will wipe out any savings you thought you were making.

Thinking through your logic and my comments, I would first choose a gas station nearby that has a high turnover of fuel. Keep away when the tanker is filling up their tanks and go there for a tank full of clean fuel. Is it better to have a tank full of good clean fuel with some extra weight, or play the lottery of filling up more often just to run with a smaller tank?
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