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Default Wanna buy a eos but sunroof wont close...

I went to see a Eos 2.0tfsi with about 187000kms. The car was running verry good and verry fast..

It had some litle things like the clutch pedal spring was gone the pedal you could lift it and it woul fall to. The clutch is verry good, and one of the caps of the headlight sprayer is gone also just going to the dealer and order it...

The big problem is that when i opend the roof that was working correctly the sunroof would stay open when i wanted to close it. The owner and m3 tried to push the side of the car cabrio pillar but nope. It wanted to go and then stoped and went back like som3things in front of it. But it was clear.

What can it be? And is this a hard issue just for 2000 euros seems worht it has a nav leather interiour. Speaker soundsystem good tyres etc xenon etc etc

What do you ecperts think?
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Well, you drive it to a genuine V.W dealer and ask for an estimate to fix all the faults, then you negotiate on price with the seller. If you buy the car you might get some savings with DIY or using a non-VW independent workshop, but there are always risks without warranties.

IMHO A fast EOS with a great sound system and tyres that has a leaking roof or a bad sunroof needing expensive repairs is not a good EOS, unless you really know what you are buying and what it will cost to repair. A V.W estimate will enlighten you.
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Walk away. Two thousand euros really does not leave much negotiating room. Keep an eye out for something that is in great shape that you can jump on.
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To be honest I do not think a VW dealer will want to get involved repairing a roof and might only want to quote for a complete roof replacement at 5 or 6 times the cost of the car.
Walk away and find a fully working car.
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Agreed. Unless you want a coupe, and NOT a convertible, find another car. There is a reason they have not fixed the roof because it's more expensive than the car is worth!
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Those of us who love these cars as we do can easily convince ourselves to ignore red flags when they pop up. I fear that you may have lots of expensive, stress-inducing problems with this car. I don't think you should abandon the dream of owning an Eos. I just think that in the long run, you're much better off spending more now on a newer model in better condition even if it means borrowing a bit of money to do it. Otherwise, your love of the car could quickly turn to hate especially if you then can't unload it and are stuck with it.

Personally, I would not buy a car with 187,000km but especially one with the complex roof mechanics that the Eos has. So far I've had zero issues with mine and I'm at 95,000km but when stuff starts going wrong, I'm unloading it! No thank you, been down that road of endless fixes and I'm so done with that.

Hold out for a newer, albeit pricier Eos. That's my advice.

Good luck!
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I'd agree with walk away. Often some with very little technical knowledge or mechanical experience ask a one liner question like 'Should I buy this car'? Getting a dealer estimate puts into perspective the real costs versus the selling asking price and if a dealer quotes for a new roof, that's the real world. Same with insurance damage. They won't mess about getting a cheap quote and have the car owner complain about a bad repair. They either repair to manufacturer standards or write off the car.

But if I was keen to restore these bad EOS's and I was offered one 2008 onwards with a good roof I'd looked at for 500, I might be interested.

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I'm with the rest, walk away as a car with 117000 miles on the clock and a faulty roof is also going to be hiding more trouble IMHO.

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As Warren Buffet says, there is no such thing as a bad risk, just a bad premium.

If you got the car for very little, and were happy with a permanently open roof , then its a good deal.

If you are expecting a functioning roof- this is not the car for you.
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