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Default 2008 VW EOS Amp Bypass

Hey Folks, I need tunes! My Dyna audio amp is done and I don't have the $$ to replace it.
I am trying to figure out how to get an aftermarket amp in there. Does anyone make an amp bypass or an adaptor to install an aftermarket amp?
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I don't think anyone has made an adaptor for it, but if you don't mind splicing a few wires together, it's not hard and it can be done non-destructively so it's easy to install a factory amp if you find one. Since I retrofitted my Dynaudio setup to a car that didn't have Dynaudio, I can tell you how it can be done.

The Dynaudio amp is connected with two connectors - a 23-pin plug and a 24-pin plug. Inside those are a bunch of 1.5mm and 2.8mm connectors (Tyco Micro Timer and Joint Power Timer) that are used in many places across all VW cars. The plugs are designed to be de-pinned - you just open the purple lock and push the pins out with a special tool.

You probably know that your amplifier is under the left front seat. I don't know how much slack there is on the factory wiring, so you may need to take it out to get stuff done. If you're able to fit your aftermarket amp setup there, all you'd need to do is sort out the wiring. Three ways that come to my mind are: dismantle your broken amplifier and use the sockets to create a wiring harness for the new amp; get a bunch of suitable plugs and sockets to put the connectors in and wire the new amp using new plugs (e.g. 1J0973714 and 1J0973814 is a matching plug and socket that takes eight 1.5mm connections);or just snip the wires like a rebel (please don't do this, it might feel like a short cut but you can't put anything back).

Bear in mind the Dynaudio amp has ten separate output channels, one for each speaker, so you will need to either get ten channels of amplification or use speaker crossovers. Here are the pin assignments for the amplifier plugs - I have checked these against the workshop manual and they are correct for the Eos.

You have another option, namely to pick up a different VW-group amplifier. When I was putting together my Dynaudio retrofit kit, I found an eight-channel amp used in the Skoda Octavia for peanuts and bought it - it's made by Lear, who made the original Dynaudio amp for the Eos, so should be pretty good - but there are two things to bear in mind here: first, the plugs will be the same but the wiring may be slightly different; second, the amplifier is designed for the car it is installed in, and with different speaker setups, impedances and so on, the sound balance may not be as good.

If you just wanted to bypass the amplifier, you could take the sockets out of the old amplifier and join the input and output connections together. If you wanted to just run the sound from the head unit you could do this, potentially mounting crossovers under the front seat since that's where the connections are. Bear in mind that the stock head unit would need recoding if you remove the amplifier: the line-level output that goes to the amplifier comes out of the speaker outputs on the stock head unit.

If you end up wanting/needing to install your new equipment somewhere other than under the left front seat, you can get from the amplifier location into the side channels easily enough, and remove the door step trim and side trim to get into the trunk, or around the front to the right-hand side channel and under the right-hand front seat (if you don't have the phone module there).

Whichever way you choose to do it, it shouldn't be too tricky a job. Good luck - and let me know if there's anything that wasn't clear in the above. I thought it would be a quick post but I forgot how much I learnt about this stuff!
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