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Default HID kit

Hi everyone! So, I have a facelift car and have been having a horrible time trying to upgrade to an HID system. I was told the low-beam for my car is the same as an MK5 Golf. So, I ordered a Golf MK5 kit......the one I bought didn't work at all. I ordered a different one and upon removing it from he box and looking at it, the plug is different then my car. I have no idea what to do! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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All 'kits' should be assembled and sold to suit specific cars, their wiring, reflectors and connectors. Can't you go back to the seller and get your money back or the correct kit? Strange advice about the Golf V, because whilst some parts for MY07 are 'like' Golfs, I wouldn't expect that on the newer facelift EOS, which is a few years on from the Golf V.

If your kit uses a replaceable HID bulb with wires attached to it and the same type of connector as your halogen bulb, then it is a 'conversion kit' which can be illegal in some States. If your kit came with HID bulbs with special base plugs and no wires attached, replacement headlamp units, wiring connectors and possibly headlamp wash wipe, then it may be OE spec. Which is it?

An important part to modifying headlamps is the cars built in bulb failure warning system doesn't throw up errors. I would expect a kit made for your EOS to handle this, whereas other model kits could have problems.
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What year really shouldn't matter. If you currently have standard or halogen bulbs, order your HID kit based on that. For example if you have H7 bulbs use the replacement for that. There should be no connector issues. Issues may arise if you use an aftermarket wiring kit with a relay, you will need the capacitors to keep the relay from oscillating. You also may need ballast resistors if you get a light out error. Most of the good companies will help you figure out what is wrong when you buy their kits. Stay away from the cheap kits. Voxmagna is right about the HID replacements possibly not being legal where you live. I have them on my 07 and install was easy. Hardest part was mounting the adaptors and ballasts and the resistors. I have since removed the ballast resistors because it turned out I didn't need them. Some of the newer kits have the Capacitors built in. I have been mostly happy with them and really haven't had people flash their lights at me. To be honest many of the current headlights are worse for glare. Oh and you will have to drill a hole in the covers on the headlight housing. Also make to order the CanBus ballasts.

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