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  1. New User Introductions
    Hey everyone! We just brought home a mint condition 2010 Eos with less than 48k kilometres (not miles!) on it. This is our first convertible and our first VW! So I apologise in advance for any 'newbie' questions - because I have lots and lots of questions to ask. Really glad I found this...
  2. Member Classifieds
    Hello all, I'm in the States and looking to buy a 2010 Eos. I have no preference as to the packages or interior color, but I would prefer the exterior to be Eismeer blue and the mileage be below 80,000 miles. Still, I'm flexible--let me know what you have and we'll negotiate! Bonus if you're...
  3. Member Classifieds
    Due to a recent disability, I had to say goodbye to my beloved 2010 EOS. I have the original Windstop (fits model years 2006-2011) and the carrier bag for it. The MSRP on both is $695 + 148. I will sell for $500 obo. Both are in EXCELLENT - like new - condition. I also have the owner's manual...
  4. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    I have a 2010 Eos Lux and hate 1st gear. It's a dog unless I use the sport mode. Put it in drive and it seems to have little power. Finally, it will catch 2nd gear and go great. I have had the dealership test drive it and test the transmission in the shop, but they claim that that is just...
1-4 of 4 Results