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  1. MFD2 + Dynaudio + Touch Bluetooth [coding question]

    Interior & ICE
    Hi All I am currently considering buying a used 2006 EOS which comes with the MFD2 nav unit and Dynaudio. Car looks great, but I have two concerns with the audio set up Issue 1: I'm currently driving a Mini Cooper S convertible with Harman Kardon setup. This is a little bass heavy and...
  2. Troubleshooting stereo

    Interior & ICE
    Hi. I have a 2009 Eos with the Dynaudio stereo system. Shortly after the warranty expired I seem to have lost all of the bass output from the stereo. I get only a very thin sounding treble output. If I am not mistaken the front bass speakers failed first and then the rear. I can't imagine...
  3. Dynaudio Software Update

    Interior & ICE
    If you have the Dynaudio Sat Nav system you may find it worth visiting your dealer and asking to have the software updated. Last week the system failed, would not play anything from any source and there were no nav instructions. Nothing from the SD card, CD changer or HDD. Silence. After about...