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  1. 57 Plate Black Tdi Sport-Shropshire

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Hi all, Just posted my EOS Tdi sport on autotrader, but thought there may be members here who need a replacement. I’m willing to knock a couple of hundred off the advertised price to forum members. Car going because I need to redo my driveway and 3 cars is one too many (according to the other...
  2. Selling EOS 1.4tsi 2009 with only 47,000miles FSH

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Colour: solid shiny Black. Owned and enjoyed for the past three+ years and serviced annually throughout its life to date. My wife won't drive it so we're changing to something smaller and less exciting. :( For me, the twincharged 1.4tsi 122 bhp gives plenty of power with low petrol consumption...
  3. 2007 VW EOS - For Sale - Parts

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Hello! I am selling my EOS... the timing chain broke a little over a month ago and I havent had the time or energy to fix it... it had a recall on this but since it has over 100xxx VW does not honor the standing "lawsuit"... I know it's a long shot to post on this site seeing as how everyone is...
  4. EOS TSI 2.0 for sale

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Hi everyone. I have my 10 plate EOS in metallic black for sale. It's got the DSG box and beige leather interior. It's on autotrader, link below...
  5. VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport Bluemotion (63 Plate)

    For Sale & Group Buys
    For Sale.... selling on behalf of my Wife, This was a pre reg and she picked it up with 133 miles on so dealer was the first owner and then my wife, she is only changing due to having multiple back surgeries and is now struggling to get in and out of the car. VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport Bluemotion...
  6. 2009 VW Eos Komfort for sale, Michigan USA

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Hi All, I am moving out of country and am having to sell my 2009 Eos :( Some details - Color: Candy White Interior: Black leatherette Mileage: 52,000 miles Automatic I purchased it almost 2 years ago from a VW Dealer. I have had 2 scheduled maintenances at VW dealers. Drives great...
  7. 2009 Eos Komfort for sale

    For Sale & Group Buys
    silver with black interior. Near Syracuse NY. Beautiful car. Car was sold!