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  1. U.K.
    Hi, i have recently bought a 1.6 2007 vw eos pre facelift, with a faulty roof, leaking seals and occasional engine light (I baught it for 750£ as my first car 2 days after passing my driving test, and since these usually go for around 2000£ i didnt expect it to be perfect haha) i love it, looks...
  2. New User Introductions
    Hi all, I have my eye on 2 Eos's, a 1.6 with 68,000 kms, and a 2 litre with 45,000 kms, both are petrol engined July 07 models with 6 speed manual gearboxes. They both have full VW histories so would hope that any major defects have been rectified, but we would appreciate any views on the 2...
1-2 of 2 Results