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  1. Should I take the plunge on low milage 2010 EOS?

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    Hi, new to this forum so thanks in advance for any help. A family member wants to give me their 2010 EOS with 47k miles on it, in nice shape and well cared for, always repaired when something came up. The only catch is it needs a new transmission! (shes done with it, not willing to fix it...
  2. Trim levels in 2015 Eos?

    VW Eos Q&A
    Curious about the trim levels of the 2015 Eos models. I’m in the US, BTW. Were any of them available with a heated steering wheel? It’s my understanding the Executive was the top model but which had more options, the Komfort or the Lux?
  3. WANTED: 2009 Komfort windscreen, no tears

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    Hi All, Seeking a windscreen with no tears or holes. Preferably US based so to not incur too much shipping expense. Please PM if you have one available for sale! Also, if you don't have one, but have any suggestions where to best find a windscreen or alternative to OEM please let me know...
  4. 2010 Eos Komfort - For Sale - Minnesota

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    This car has been sold.
  5. 2009 Eos Komfort for sale

    For Sale & Group Buys
    silver with black interior. Near Syracuse NY. Beautiful car. Car was sold!