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  1. EOS TSI 2.0 for sale

    For Sale & Group Buys
    Hi everyone. I have my 10 plate EOS in metallic black for sale. It's got the DSG box and beige leather interior. It's on autotrader, link below...
  2. VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport Bluemotion (63 Plate)

    For Sale & Group Buys
    For Sale.... selling on behalf of my Wife, This was a pre reg and she picked it up with 133 miles on so dealer was the first owner and then my wife, she is only changing due to having multiple back surgeries and is now struggling to get in and out of the car. VW EOS 2.0 TDI Sport Bluemotion...
  3. leather steering wheel cover

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
    Hey Folks, I recently fitted a leather steering wheel cover. I'm not usually much of a fan of steering wheel covers. However, I was getting pins & needles in my hands on longer drives. Plus, I wanted something a little chunkier to grip onto. So I found these soft leather covers from this Ebay...