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  1. Navigation DVD says incompatible

    VW Eos Q&A
    Hello I have a 07 EOS purchased used, it did not come with a DVD but has the navigation. I purchased the NAVTEQ DVD the system tells me its incompatible. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas for me? :confused:
  2. Rookie EOS Owner w/ Nav Issue

    New User Introductions
    Hello all. I just purchased a used '12 and love the car. I always had a drop top, but this is the best featured car I ever owned. I am having one frustrating issue with the Navigation memory. I have tried everything (except the right thing) but can't get the previous owner's destination...
  3. Factory Navigation Radio for 2009 EOS

    Interior & ICE
    I just bought my '09 EOS out of my lease (as the new models are not available in manual transmission anymore) and I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on replacing the standard radio with a factory navigation system? I am ignorant as to what parts I would need for a complete and...
  4. iPhone contact navigation??

    VW Eos Q&A
    Hi there. I have a 2011 Eos with Volkswagen Navigation System RNS-510. I'm getting tired manually entering an address in the Navigation system and think there must be a way to use the contacts in my iPhone to navigate with? Is it just me, or does entering these manually every time seem...