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  1. Hello from NZ!

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    Hey everyone! We just brought home a mint condition 2010 Eos with less than 48k kilometres (not miles!) on it. This is our first convertible and our first VW! So I apologise in advance for any 'newbie' questions - because I have lots and lots of questions to ask. Really glad I found this...
  2. Logged my first 500km

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    Hi, my name is Sharon. I live in the Pacific Northwest and have recently (last Tuesday) picked up my 2011 Eos Turbo, (Highliner). I am still getting informed about the various model features but so far, I am enjoying my vehicle. I am not new to convertibles. I previously owned 2 LeBarons...
  3. A new toy

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    Just bought a 2006 2.0 FSI, one lady owner from new, 60,000 miles. The MOT history indicates that it's done around 4,000 miles a year for the last 4 years or so. Its silver (are there various options for silver or is a standard VW colour /code) with an immaculate red leather interior. The...
  4. New Owner In Baltimore

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    Just bought a 2009 Eos Komfort. Love the car. Tried to buy one in December when I sold my beloved 1994 Honda Del Sol VTEC to a little old lady in Virginia Beach. The car i wanted was bought on the day I went to take the final test drive. I ended up pecipitously buying a 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse...
  5. New eos, so excited!

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    Finally decided to trade in my old 2006 EOS for a brand new Exclusive tdi and pick up 3rd may. Been years since been on this forum but good to be back. Just hope the sun keeps shining in south of England. :)
  6. Nottingham, england in the house?

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    Hi all, I'm a newbie here, collecting my 2008 Eos 2.0T Individual next week, been loving test driving a couple of dozen cars. This site has been really useful particularly with regard to leaky roof seals. I never bought a car before, until now I've been given 9 cars, the last inherited as a...
  7. Newbie Here from UK

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    Hello I'm Jase I've just brought a used 06 reg VW eos 2.0FSI in silver with red leather interior. I have only had the car a week. been looking into ways of modifing the car and enjoying driving it really. I dont see many of these about where I live especially in this colour combination...
  8. Thanks for the info

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    I have always wanted an Eos and finally my wife caved in two weeks ago. I have searched out info on Google and the Eos Club site comes up more times than not. I decided to become a member so that any information I find or interesting things I find out I can share with others to help out. Thanks...