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  1. I need help with a knocking noise

    Suspension & Handling
    2012 EOS Executive. I have a loud knocking noise coming from the area of the rear passenger side roof mechanisms. (i'm not real good at localizing noises) It is very noticeable at low speeds around the neighborhood. i do not hear any knock with the roof retracted. Yes, i know, wind noise and...
  2. Power steering noises

    Suspension & Handling
    I have a 2006 EOS 2.0 TDI and since 2-3 days ago I started noticing a noise on my steering wheel while I am turning. Today morning the noise was louder (at the point you could hear it with the radio on in comfortable volume level), but it usually gets quieter when i drive for some time...
  3. 2007 EOS 42K Cabin noise over bumps drives me mad.

    Interior & ICE
    Wifey complained about noises when she drove over a bump or road humps. I listened to the springy metal type 'boing' sound but couldn't tie it down. Checked all wheels bearings, body heights (springs) and around the muffler and hangers. No safety issues but noise still there. Sometimes I thought...
  4. Strange Noise

    VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hi Since a few days there is a strange noise, sizzling at the front right, just behind the cooling liquid reservoir, under the right hinge of the hood, coming out of the car, somewhere inside the car. It is always there even when engine is not turning and car keys are out of the car. It only...
  5. Creaking sunroof

    Interior & ICE
    Hi there I'm a new guy on here as I've only picked up my Eos a week or so ago. It's a black March 2010 model. It's an SE with a pile of upgrades. I love the car, but the one thing that lets it down is the creaking sunroof. It is difficult to describe the noise other than creaking. If I put...
  6. Possible Transmission Noise

    Engine & Drivetrain
    I recently purchased a 2008 Eos 2.0T DSG it only has 12k miles on it. I've noticed when I'm sitting still in gear I feel and hear a very low purring or buffeting soft vibration that kind of has a soft clicking to it; it goes away when the car begins to move or is taken out of gear. Also, where...