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  1. VW Eos Q&A
    Hi there, I have a RHD 2007 VW EOS. I noticed earlier today that the window hadn't fully closed and after truing to close the window with the switch, found it didn't work. After looking into the problem further I noticed the rear LHS window is also not working neither is the courtesy light...
  2. Interior & ICE
    Hi. new here. Just traded in my 2004 Pasaat for a 2008 Eos and need some help. For one, the cigarette lighter power shuts off with the ignition in the Eos, so I can't charge my phone when leaving the car anymore... Is there any fix to this? Also, I have an audio AUX in in the center console...
  3. Interior & ICE
    I'm installing a camera on the windshield that records when powered up so before I start, I need to know if there is a switched power wire near the rear view mirror. I can't find a service manual for this car so If anyone knows if there is a switched wire in the wiring harness where the top...
1-3 of 3 Results