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  1. Passenger side rear spring replacement (UK 2007 , tfsi)

    The rear passenger spring was picked up in the last service as corroded and needing attention. So, I decided to do this myself. I would rate the job has 5 /10 in terms cost (£47 from ECP), time (2 hrs), tools required (no special tools other than the usual, but I did use two trolley jacks)...
  2. Wipers occasionally turning on even in OFF stalk position

    Interior & ICE
    Hi all! my EOS is now parked in another continent and occasionally checked/ridden by my brother. He swears that the wipers are turning on and keep going even when the steering wheel stalk is set to OFF. It's 2007 3.2L US version of EOS with rain sensor, however I do not think the sensor is at...
  3. Best Brand of Replacement Hid Bulbs ?

    VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hello everyone , I recently bought a used 2007 6 speed Eos with 50k miles on it . Got a hell of a deal on it !:D:D:D I have the xenon lights but not the bulbs . I want to get the H7 8000k hid bulbs but I don't want to buy some cheap Chinese bulbs . Any suggestions on good brands and prices ?