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  1. Interior & ICE
    Hello, one of the most ironic things about my car is the fact that it has almost all the extras available at the time of purchase of the vehicle, but one thing that is missing and it's really a must have for me is the Bluetooth. I'm aiming to retrofit the bluetooth in my RNS 510, which I...
  2. Interior & ICE
    Hi Everyone, I searched for this and could not locate anything related. Has anyone experienced this, if so, any ideas? This does not happen every time, but my volume will go to full blast with only one push up on the steering wheel controls. In order for it to go down, I either have to turn...
  3. VW Eos Q&A
    Hello I'm considering installing an RNS315 into my EOS and would appreciate any information regarding its use in daylight with the top down. The concern is screen visibility and "washout" Thanks Edward
  4. VW Eos Q&A
    Hi everyone, had my first EOS for a week now and would like to ask your opinion on my options for bluetooth for the RNS510 unit, would you recommend trying to install a VW bluetooth module or just going with the Parrot option? Does anybody have an idea of price for the VW option and what parts...
  5. Interior & ICE
    Being a new Eos owner I am keen to make the most of its functions so finding out I could chuck loads or music on an SD card I ordered one straight away. After looking through the manual I settled for a 32Gb SDHC card as the manual states that's the max it can take. This is the card I have. When...
  6. VW Eos Q&A
    Hi all, we've had our secondhand 2007 EOS for a few months now and love it - after having fixed the A-piller leaks. Driving home with the roof down makes all the issues of the day disappear. Just thought I'd let you know about our progress on replacement of the stock MP3 VW radio (RCD 310 I...
1-6 of 6 Results