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  1. VW Eos Q&A
    Hi, Took my 2008 UK model 3.2V6 to Halfords to get a double din Pioneer head fitted. Installer seemed to know his stuff and too just over 2 hours to install. I lowered the roof (which has been fault free up till now) so he could work in fresh air. After the end of the installation, and he'd...
  2. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hello everyone, Today I tried to open the roof top and when the rear windshield opened and then the trunk opened (pic #1) I stupidly turned the car off to see if a lose screw was causing a rattle in the roof top while driving. I noticed how the rear windshield started to go back to its initial...
  3. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Never had this problem before 2008 EOS. When I close the roof, the flaps open, then the trunk unlocks. As a result, the roof won't close.
  4. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    2012 Lux - The roof opening sequence was stopped by releasing open/close lever just as the back window was half way open. The back window dropped back down and now we can not open or close top. Showing Fault. Unhooked battery to try to reset. Went through emergency closing procedure in book ...
  5. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    I have a 2007 EOS. I got a system fault when i was closing the roof. The roof seemed to close properly but in the end i got the error. The same thing happens when i try to open the roof. When the roof is opened one of the flaps in the rear doesn't close properly. I can still hear the pump...
  6. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hello, I was wondering if there is any roof adjustment maintenance that should be performed by the dealer. I have two problems that are not a big deal but a bit of an annoyance. While lowering the top the right pillar lightly scrapes against the plastic while lowering into the trunk. Is this...
1-6 of 8 Results