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roof stuck problem

  1. Rear windshield stuck due to operation interruption

    VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hello everyone, Today I tried to open the roof top and when the rear windshield opened and then the trunk opened (pic #1) I stupidly turned the car off to see if a lose screw was causing a rattle in the roof top while driving. I noticed how the rear windshield started to go back to its initial...
  2. Roof Fault Not Opening,

    VW Eos Tech Q&A
    2012 Lux - The roof opening sequence was stopped by releasing open/close lever just as the back window was half way open. The back window dropped back down and now we can not open or close top. Showing Fault. Unhooked battery to try to reset. Went through emergency closing procedure in book ...
  3. Roof stuck part open, flashing orange roof warning on MFD.

    VW Eos Q&A
    This explanation covers one type of fault scenario but there are several others! I make an educated guess as to how the system is working. The glove box manual tells you that this open roof fault might be a tow home job!:eek: If a window motor actually seizes up, you have a bigger problem to...
  4. Roof Question - Panel Sticks

    VW Eos Q&A
    Hey Everyone. I just bought my EOS Yesterday and what a fun car, I absolutely love it. My question is, when I start opening the roof, the first (transformer type, i like to call it) panel that is supposed to open gets stuck on the canvas flap :confused:. It happened at the dealership and they...
  5. Roof stuck fully open

    VW Eos Tech Q&A
    I know roof problems are quite common but the problem I've had today isn't exactly like any one I could find already. I have just bought a 2007 EOS 2.0 turbo sport last week. Beautiful car - only done 32k and no problems for the first few days and few hundred miles. Today the roof wouldn't...