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  1. Proper Sunroof Front Seal Positioning

    VW Eos Q&A
    I recently bought a 2007 EOS. So far I love it. I have been reading up on and slowly getting into the maintenance routines concerning the rough. I have a front roof seal that is a bit wavy. Some sticks up higher than the roof, some fairly even with a slight slant downward toward the sunroof...
  2. Checking Seal Contact to Stop Leaks

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
    I have a few methods I use depending on what seal I am checking and its location. The roof top seals are generally seal to seal contact, whereas some seals like the trunk seal are seal to body contact. The first two methods I'm using are thin paper and a 10 thou long feeler gauge to run around...
  3. Drip, Drip,Drip

    Interior & ICE
    This is the first experience of a leak on our 2007. Wifey drives it most of the time. Today, sitting as a passenger with her driving in the rain, I could see and feel water dripping through the door glass, down into the door skin, front carpet and my knees. I looked over to the driver side and...
  4. Seal care with Sun Lotion, Am I mad?

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
    I have had this feeling my 2007 EOS is ageing its rubber seals mostly due to UV exposure as it is never garaged. The roof seals are regularly Krytoxed so I am talking about all the other seals - window slot, door and trunk etc. I even have some reservations about expensive Krytox, since it...
  5. EOS Door Cavity Leaks

    D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself)
    I posted about this problem a while ago, but still have not found a permanent solution. What I am talking about is water running off the roof, down the right and left side front window glasses and then getting past the aluminium chromed slot seal on the outside into the door cavity. Why is...
  6. Roof Seals

    I have just got the EOS back from the dealers after having had a new Dynaudio head fitted, three leaks in the boot sorted (complete new set of seals) and the hardened roof seals replaced. Now for the naughty bit - I was told that the roof seals are not covered by the vehicle warranty and that it...