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  1. VW Eos Q&A
    Hi all, I recently purchased an 08 VW EOS Luxury edition with some bad leather seats. I'm looking to upgrade to newer VW seats, such as from Jetta GLI, or Passat CC cars. Any pointers on what seats are compatible, i.e. newer seats from an 2012 Passat into my 08 VW EOS car? are the seat...
  2. VW Eos Q&A
    Is there a product to cover the inside of the car so you do not have to close and open the top when parked? When I park in my work garage, or someplace safe, I'd rather not open/close the roof every time. Does not need to be waterproof. These garages are rather dusty. Also, is there a similar...
  3. VW Eos Q&A
    I would like to put an accent color in the interior of my '07 Eos. The interior is silver leather and plastic and black carpet and accents. The exterior is the Thunder Blue Color (dark blue). I wanted to do the stitches in the silver leather seats black, but now considering a blue or another...
1-3 of 3 Results