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  1. Suspension and calipers

    VW Eos Q&A
    Hello, I'm looking at buying an Eos that the owner sold all the suspension (it was modified) and the rear calipers. Does anyone know: 1. If these parts interchange with other models 2. If you changed your suspension and still have the stock, message me if you would sell it 3. Where a good place...
  2. 'Cracked front consoles' in service report

    Suspension & Handling
    I have a third-hand 2007 EOS, and it just had the 100,000 km service. I live in Geneva (Switzerland) but my spoken French skills are quite poor. Listed in the items for attention are 'consoles av. craquelees' which I interpret as 'cracked front consoles'. Google is not helping me much to...
  3. 2007 EOS 42K Cabin noise over bumps drives me mad.

    Interior & ICE
    Wifey complained about noises when she drove over a bump or road humps. I listened to the springy metal type 'boing' sound but couldn't tie it down. Checked all wheels bearings, body heights (springs) and around the muffler and hangers. No safety issues but noise still there. Sometimes I thought...