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  1. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Hi all, I am now the owner of a 2007 EOS 2.0 FSI that's in exceptional condition. Really quite impressed. Wait for it. Except!!! when I pull the door handles to open the doors the boot unlocks and slightly pops up. I then have to walk around and shut the boot again. This isn't too bad, but the...
  2. VW Eos Tech Q&A
    Ever since the car was new, or during the first few weeks in any event, it has had one small quirk. Occasionally, when pulling up on the outside handle, the electric unlocking mechanism on the trunk lid does not operate. I only happens occasionally, and the mechanism always works on the second...
  3. VW Eos Q&A
    I have VW EOS 2009 2.0 TSI, one time my friend stayed in the car, and I went down with taking the keys, in few seconds the doors were locked as it should be. However, My friend tried hardly to unlock the doors from inside but with no hope at all, so he was stuck till my return!!! and I didn't...
1-3 of 3 Results