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  1. New to the Eos Club

    New User Introductions
    First, thanks for providing a huge amount of info and support. My wife owns a 2007 2.0T 6 sp with 87K miles. It looks bad, clear coat on the black paint is shot on trunk and roof, roof liners and sunshade are trash but car runs great. Thought about getting rid of it but came across some...
  2. 'Cracked front consoles' in service report

    Suspension & Handling
    I have a third-hand 2007 EOS, and it just had the 100,000 km service. I live in Geneva (Switzerland) but my spoken French skills are quite poor. Listed in the items for attention are 'consoles av. craquelees' which I interpret as 'cracked front consoles'. Google is not helping me much to...
  3. New member seeking advice on wheels

    New User Introductions
    Hi guy's, We have just bought a 2012 155kw EOS. The car has not yet been delivered. I am looking at changing out the original wheels 17 x 7.5, et 47 with 235x45x17 tyres for 19 x 8.5 et 43 with 235x35x19 tyres. Can anybody confirm whether these will fit? I have been on and it...
  4. Wheels and Tires for Sale

    For Sale & Group Buys
    I posted 4 wheels and tires on craigs list. If interested go to this link below
  5. New wheels?

    VW Eos Q&A
    I have an Eismeer Blue 2008 and cant decide which wheels.. Any opinions? Or pictures of what you guys have? Thanksss :) :)
  6. 2013 EXEC on its Way

    New User Introductions
    2013 EXEC Arrived Updated 12/9/12 As a new member to the EOS forum, just want to share some photos. I have purchased a 2013 EXEC fully equipped for my girlfriend and I wanted it to take on a look of its own. Shown are some pictures with it lowered with H&R springs, Tinted Windows and 19 inch...