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I've come to the decision to try get rid of my eos...

Weather as a complete car or in parts is still to be decided.. Preferably a complete car.. Even tho prob get more as parts just rather skip hassle of dismantling selling etc..

Eos 07 tdi sport bmm 140bhp
206k mile
Vehical is sorn
Mot till november 19

Cambelt/water pump done couple month
Camshaft changed last year..
Egr changed 3 year ago..
New front wings under vw warranty couple year ago..
Replaced front shocks beging of this year..
Serviced annually..
Cruise control fitted..
Few other bits

Roof works baring last flap.. Wire I belive
No serious leaks from roof.. Maybe in heavy rain and bad angle or power washer at cleaners..
Engine runs and pulls spot on..

The reason for sale is slave cylinder leaking in gearbox..

Location is

N. E. Lincolnshire

Any more questions feel free to ask

Telephone 07432492818

Looking for £700 complete

Thanx shaun


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I'm sorry to hear you are giving up, but sometimes it's the best solution to move on. Doing the clutch requires engine out, or at least lifted after disconnecting lots of things.

I'm curious to know how you got 2 new wings and re-painting under V.W warranty? Both mine were rusting out along the top caused by their damn gray foam inserts.:( I never considered warranty as my EOS is also a 2007. I bought a pair of pattern wings for £80 each, put them on myself and got them repainted. My new wings don't have their bad foam inside now and I got the painter to put primer and anti stone chip coating on the inside. No real increase in cabin noise either. :)

I like my BMM engine for its relative simplicity over the later lower emission versions and it's good to see you can get a decent mileage from them. It can also be easily tuned a little via the OBD port, something not so easy to do on the later models. :(

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Never had to remove a VW engine to do a clutch before and even an old fart like me (66) can do them in around four hours on a ramp. I would get a quote from a clutch clinic before going down the dismantling road and as the weather gets better the value of your EOS goes up IMHO.

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