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160 eos!

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nice pics of the 2007 eos meet in Germany.

also link to the 2008 meet on 8th June.
Looks like great fun!

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I'm not surprised they got so many turn up to the meet. The Eos over here is becoming a fimiliar sight on the road. I see at least 4 every morning in the 10km run from my house to my daughters kindergarten. Does this make them any less special? I don't think so, as you spot lots of people still looking at them with the 'what's that?' look on their faces. It's strange that a car that is quite popular (in this area anyway!) is still not instantly recognisable by the general population. Lack of advertising perhaps? I must admit I have never seen an advertisment for the car. Billboard or tv. I'm going to debadge ours when it arrives to keep a little air of mystery about it. :cool:

I'm expecting a phonecall today or tommorow from my dealer so I can go in and take pics of our car still all wrapped up before they get her ready for the road. :D Will post the pics when I get them.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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