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2.0T fuel consumption

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Hi All,

Thought I would start a specific thread on the 2.0 T fuel consumption as folks post to other fuel consumption threads but neglect to say what engine they have. I have the 2.0 turbo and am one of those sad folks who document their fuel purchases, logging cost, mileage and the computer readout. I have covered over 2,500 miles from new including trips to Somerset and Scotland. The 2.0 turbo is such a sweet engine I find it hard to drive it conservatively and enjoy hoofing it on a regular basis, particularly enjoy hearing it sing up to 6,000 rpm and above (mmmm!). Well what’s the point in having the 200 bhp GTI engine if you don’t enjoy spinning that turbo?

My average fuel economy has been 28.8 mpg over 2,500 miles compared to the fuel computer which says 29.4 so computer reads about 0.5 mpg higher, (that’s UK gallons by the way so divide by 1.2 for US mpg which equals 24 mpg). My driving is a complete mix of city, country and motorway roads.

I have had achieved 37mpg on occasion driving through Wales keeping to the speed limit so the engine can be driven economically. I used to have a Seat Leon Cupra with the VAG 1.8T engine driven the same way but this only achieved an average of 27mpg and that was a smaller and lighter car so the 2.0T engine in the Eos is a significant improvement on the old 1.8T.

Fuel consumption on the VAG diesel turbo engines get better with higher mileage (although I have never seen a satisfactory reason as to why this happens) but I don’t think mpg will get any better on a petrol turbo but time will tell.

I love the Eos, never had so much fun in any other car before and the retractable roof is an absolute joy. I really enjoy driving with the roof down but when I can’t the light and airy feel of the cabin with the roof up and the glass sunroof is great. Happy to say no leaks either.

All the best, David
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My driving is virtually all on country roads, and very conservative ... usually around 90 kph. After 23,000 kms I am averaging 37 Imperial mpg. No lead foot here, just enjoyable open air country roads.
Hello VWConvert. Everybody is working on the same miles, but all of the quotes you see are in Imperial gallons not US gallons. Imperial gallons are 25% larger than US gallons so convert to US MPG you should multiply all quotes by .80
Hope you can follow.
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