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One was on wednesday, just after lunch on Ridgeacre Road. Midnight blue, driver was a middle aged woman

And today, just after 3pm coming off Court Oak Road, again Midnight Blue, but a middle aged chap this time. Couldn't flash him as I was in the courtesy golf plus from the garage - incidently, nice car, felt massive inside, but far too dark! - got spoilt with the Eos' sunroof!

Given the close proximity of the 2 sightings its more than likely they are owned by the same people, but who knows!

Incidently, have we come up with an acceptably pluralisation of Eos yet? I quite like Eii! :D

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Youmight not be old enough but your suggestion of 'Eii' remides me of what the Japanese used to say when they were killed in the comic book "Commando" here in the UK. So personally don't like it. I think Eos is fine for singular or plural The collective noun however say a pod of Eos?
Any other suggestions?
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