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2007 EOS convertible top will not retract- check luggage compartment - error

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2007 EOS convertible top won't retract- it worked intermittently and whenever it worked I noticed the sound of the power trunk sealing the trunk lid.
After purchasing the car used a few years ago I had to replace the microswitch to the left of the spare tire and this is activated once the horseshoe shaped clips on both sides of the luggage clips snap in.

Since I had replaced this switch I had no issues for a while, but now I keep getting a check luggage compartment and I pulled the trunk release beneath the removable back seat cargo flap and closed it and I tried the trunk release button on the driver side before opening the trunk by pushing against the VW logo and closing the trunk multiple times but I could not get the power trunk motor to seal and I felt this was causing the error code for the check luggage compartment.

I decided to buy a replacement lock actuator and after buying the correct torx bit removed the bolts removed the electrical connector, and slid the trunk cable off with a screwdriver. After replacing the lock actuator. I closed the trunk, heard the motor seal the trunk and then was able to get the convertible roof to retract with no error code. I am so relieved, because the VW dealer didn't have any one that worked on convertibles there. I feel blessed to have this issue finally resolved.
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Hey Richard. Sounds like I have a similar issue, but my boot motor partially works (does not travel the full range ) and has not been working correctly for some time.
I assume there was no life in your boot motor at all, or did it sometimes work ... ?
Either way, sounds like it may be worth getting a replacement motor and trying it

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