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Hey folks, it's my first post. I just acquired a 2008 EOS with the iPod dock in the center console. The dock will sync with my iPhone 4 and iPod Nano Gen 4, but it will not charge either. Does anyone know of a quick fix or simple solution to get the factory dock to charge my devices? I know that some of the older iPod docs will not charge newer Apple products and was wondering if that's the case here. Thanks.

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My solution

I just got my eos 2008 yesterday and had to contend with this as well.

First of all you will need to convert the 12v supply to the 5v the newer iPods and IPhones expect. This will do the trick:

Next, you will need a male/female dock connector extender. The iPhone does not fit into the slot from the get go, far less when you add the Scosche adapter. Make sure you connect the Scosche adapter at the iPhone end of the connection or it won't work.

With this your phone will now charge.

After that, you will run into the problem that when you connect the iPhone it goes into accessory mode, which prevents you from controlling playback from the phone and I was not able to get any sensible control from the cd controls.

To solve this, jailbreak your phone and install a Cydia app called NoAccessoryScreen ( or something like that. There are 3 cydia apps that claim to do this. Just get the one that says it has no settings or controls).

After that you will regain full control of your iPhone.

Lastly, you now have a phone on the loose on the car. I have tried over half a dozen mounting solutions and by far the best one is:

Yes, Velcro. But not regular Velcro. This one uses molded plastic on both sides, which gives you a solid grip that does not decrease over time. You can even find it in other colors.

I have on piece attached to the back of my iPhone and one piece on my car an another piece on my wife's Odyssey. I mounted mine just bellow the hazard light switch.

This allows me to access the awesome GPSDrive app on my iPhone as well as displaying album art and see the status of my phone.

I can rotate the phone and mount and dismount it from the dash in an instant.

In all, this is a great solution for me. Hopefully this will help you a bit.

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IMHO the best solution for mounting your phone is a BRODIT phone holder....designed to suit most buy the backing plate to suit your vehicle, and the front, actual phone holder to suit your screws, no holes, just 'clips' on to existing dash...does come with double sided tape under the bracket, but I found that wasn't needed, and didn't like the idea of sticky tape on the dash.

Also bought one for my daughters Lexus RX350, fits perfectly.

Obviously a bit more expensive than Velcro....but I prefer it... :)

(lousy pics, sorry..the VW logo was my added touch...)


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I'm due to pickup my new eos 2007 TDI in the coming week and after viewing it i started researching into upgrading some of the audio equipment and integrating my iphone 4S into the system as has been discussed in this thread.

It appears from what i've read that any of the factory fitted headunits don't natively work with new iphone's and either need an adapter which adds bits in the car that just clutter up the storage and don't look nice and neat. But I think i have found a solution to get a factory fitted look.

My intended proposal is to replace.

1. the headunit with an aftermarket ANS-810

2. fit either a cup holder or ash try insertable iphone dock to then plug into the new headunit which natively supports modern apple equipment.

Speck.Dock Ashtray

or (preferable the ash tray one as it will be neatly hidden away)

Speck.Dock Cup Holder

Will update my findings as i get the car and purchase the bits
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