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2009 docked in US

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I Received a call from VW US this morning. Our new 2009 has arrived, they called to notify me the dealer should be contacting me soon to set a date for us to pick her up.
She is the younger sister to our 2008, near twins you might say. Same color (Eisimeer Blue), 18 in wheels, Auto DSG, 2.0T, same everything except an 09, so the new side mirrors, a change to the heated mirror switch, and a change to the sun roof slider (removed vents at front). Getting giggly all over again :D The sisters will only see each other for a short time as we let the older girl go up for adoption:(
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Just curious....with the 2008, what was it that made you really want the 2009 instead?
Darren, nothing about one over the other. Just time I guess.
there are some changes to the 2009 model and i would be intrested in what you think between the 2 :)
Picked up the 2009 today. The Side View Mirrors look a lot better than the 07-08, however they have a slight wind noise when compared to the 08. I would not have noticed except it is a different wind noise. No vent in the front of the blind that covers the sun roof, we knew they had changed. Then the change to the position of the heated mirrors being at 2:00 position verses the 12:00 position. Nice looking chrome strips in the door sill frame that have the EOS logo. I believe the seal on the sill is different. I think 08 the seal was on the bottom of the door, 2009 is on the frame / sill bottom where the door comes in contact to the seal, instead of door seal coming in contact to frame / sill. I am not sure now how the 08 bottom seal was? Maybe you can let me know is the seal on the bottom of the door, or on the frame / sill. Otherwise feels and looks the same. Had to remind my self it was a new / different car since we got everything the same.
I will let you know if there was anything else, but I believe I have them all listed.
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