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2009 EOS Question

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I am thinking of leasing a new 2009 EOS and have a few questions. My first question is how does it handle in snow? I live in Maryland, but travel to Pennsylvania and need to be able to get around in snow. Also, any suggestion on size and type of all season tires?
Also, does the driver's seat get broken in? The seat seems very hard to me and I have concerns about the comfort.
Thanks for sharing your opinions
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we have had a good amount of snow here where i live in the uk . the eos was no good in dealing with the snow. u would do best to invest in some winter treds your vw dealer will be able to help you with that. as for comfort i have red nappa leather seats and i find these a dream with great comfort as i drive a 60 mile round trip to work. the eos is a fantastic car it drives well looks great and has plenty of power . an eos would be a great choice

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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