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2009 EOS Satellite Radio - A La Carte?

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Hi everyone,
I just got a new 2009 EOS (Komfort) in the US. It came with a 3 month trial of Sirius satellite radio service. I was reading on Sirius' site that they offer an "a la carte" service whereby you can pick 50 stations for a small subscription fee after the trial runs out. They also say you need a satellite radio that is capable of "a la carte" service.

Does anyone know if the standard 2009 EOS satellite radio is "a la carte" ready? Or does this require the installation of a new radio?
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Interesting about the "ala carte" plan. If I were starting over, that's what I would go for IF their was no additional equipment charge. I was just on the Sirius website after reading your post and there it leads one to believe that to qualify for ala carte service, it shows a special external Sirius radio.

If that's the case, forget about it. A slocky external radio with 50' feet of antenna wire to a antenna that sticks somewhere ugly (can't be on the top) and I think the trunk lid is out also and the real breaker (plays through a FM transmitter to a unused FM station).
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