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It's a common problem only solved by changing the angle of the head unit to more vertical (may be possible with some custom tapered spacers?). I've got a gray tint on my sunroof glass now which helps unless the top is down. Otherwise I pull the blind back. I doubt anything stick on will work well and may reduce light output. If these units used oled screens we would have a better viewing experience in bright light. Just compare the stock lcd screen with Oled on many Galaxy phones.

I haven't looked at car head units for several years since I replaced mine with a Chinese clone. But some quick recent research got me thinking. I listed what I regard as MY personal preferences for a head unit based on what I use most:

1. GPS but preferably local not internet.
2. F.M stereo radio, DAB useful but not essential.
3. Audio output 50 watts per channel, No Dynaudio (for me)
4. No steering wheel controls
5. Bluetooth version 4 to 5 for music linking and hands free phone operation.
6. External video for backup camera desirable.
7. USB inputs for MP3 music on sticks
8. Up to date fast quad core processor
9. Oled touch screen with good touch response and night display dimming.
10. No connection or issues with V.W CANbus
11. Auto shutdown not relying on CANbus connection.

Why should I be looking at V.W 'compatible' head units if I don't need CANbus controls married to V.W protocols?

I found these cheap Android units (but only Android 8 and BT v2). I'm not recommending them, but they do tick a lot of my boxes and don't take up a huge amount of space behind the dash like my present unit. I think they could be future products to watch for? They will be using digital MOS audio amps, not regarded as the best by audiophiles, but probably adequate and efficient for a basic car unit producing very little heat or need a fan.

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