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2012 eos air secondary air pump

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I have a 2012 eos 2.0 tsi. I get a code for secondary air pump. I replaced the sensor and valve. Jumped the air pump and works great. Start it up clear codes and runs good. Shut it off and the check.engine lite comes back.on. help? Please?
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Many electric parts in modern cars are driven from sensitive electronic controllers which may be hidden inside, fixed somewhere else, or are part of another system controller. 'Jumpering' may have been the practice on older cars using relays, wires and fuses, but it's a very bad idea for modern cars and can do more damage. You will have to find out what controls the air pump and see if it's faulty? I don't have it in my Tdi, but it might be the sort of thing that has a test already built into V.W compatible diagnostics?
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