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I have two of these for sale. Both complete at the mo

2007 2.0 Fsi BVY 111k, manual. Generally very good. slight rust on both wings(wings on car 2 good). Good Leather interior, VERY clean wheels with great tyres. Roof was fine until it got stuck, pump works, roof computer works, sunroof motor the sunroof motor, ran it not in situ to test it. replaced without checking its 'stood' position so didn't retract all the way back over the tin top when the roof was activated. When it went down it caught on the headrests, and the glass is now stuck! Have run out of patience and time with it. Interior is dry

2008 2.0 BMM tdi 228k Auto DSG box. Fusebox fire(starter) purchased as a donor car. Cloth interior ROOF WORKS PERFECTLY. Bought as a donor car, to steal bits from to improve above car. Damage to A-pillar. Interior is dry

£1500 for both

Will start to break them if I can't sell complete in a week or two.
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