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2007 Volkswagen EOS 3.2L V6

Crank no start, no codes
Started slowly over two weeks with hard start, loss of power, and idling ruff

1) 150 PSI
2) 148 PSI
3) 150 PSI
4) 135 PSI
5) 150 PSI
6) 135 PSI

Inline image

Tested Spark with tester, has spark
Tested voltage at the coils - 12V
6 new spark plugs
one new coil on cylinder 1
Change crank position sensor, but knew this wasn't the issue since it was seeing RPM
Autozone only had on Cam Sensor, so I bought it and changed thst between the two to see if that was the issue. No change

Sent ECM to Florida, tested and return with no issues

Installed ECM back in the vehicle and it started but ran ruff. Pulled coils one by one. Found that cylinder 1 had no change when removed.
Pulled all the plugs. Cylinders 1-3 had heavy carbon build up. 4-6 looked brand new.
Low pressure fuel pressure is 40 PSI
Feel I have injector issues except I sprayed it with starting fluid and it didn't try to start.
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