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3.2 V6

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I picked up my 3.2 V6 (sport and technology packages) two weeks ago. It was one of the first sold in Washington State and the first from its largest dealer. I had done quite a bit of research about the car and ended up answering the dealer's questions! Nevertheless, they were very nice. I have driven many cars during the past 43 years, both in the U.S. and Europe, and this car is really something. Before buying the Eos, I test drove a 2007 Mustang GT convertible with manual; but for some reason it didn't click. If anyone is sitting on the fence, I suggest that you go test drive an Eos...

p.s. For you weather watchers, it doesn't always rain in Washington and you can put the top down.
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the new car!
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