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3 Year Service Plan

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I'm due to collect my Eos on Wednesday. The dealer has suggested that I take up VW's 3 year pre-paid service plan for a price of £225.00. To me, this seems quite good value as every time I take my current car (Toyota Avensis) for a service it always costs at least £200 for one service.
Has anyone any views on whether this prepaid service is worth shelling out £225 for?
Kind regards,
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I got 3 years free servicing with mine try getting it free if you can or something else free :)

If not its a good deal

Steph xx
I only got my car in March if thats any help :)

Make sure you check everything over before driving off the roof ect :)

Steph xx
Given a dry day on Wednesday, I'll be driving back with the roof stowed but I'll make sure it goes back again before I leave the dealer. Thanks for the tip!
Kind regards,
John. PS Will take my camera with me & try & take a couple of photos on the forecourt before I set off on my maiden journey while the car is still pristine!
It rained the day I picked mine up i was glad really check all your roof seals we dont want them leaking! before you get home!

I had no problems at first with my roof but now its got to this weather i have ice on the inside of my windscreen my roof doesnt match up where it joins at the top to the windscreen on the inside, i can put my thumb in one side and not in the other, I have a TDI i have turbo lag, also my rear window takes ages and ages to demist im talking over 43 miles!

Just make sure your really happy with it before you drive off

If you have any more question please PM me i will answer them for you :)

Steph xx
To be honest i got a sales guy that had not been fully trained, when I said i wanted extras like the chicago alloys he said i'd get them free then run to his boss and ask and then say he made a mistake. In the end i said i wanted something free or i'll go else where i got free mats 3 years free servicing a couple of key rings :)

Steph xx
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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