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30gb hard drive

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Hi Guys,

Picked up my new car on friday :)
(will post photos but there a little big at the moment for the forum)

This is the 2009 version so there are some changes and i have the touch screen dvd sat nav with the 30gb hard drive. However when i look at the HDD capasity it says 18.33GB any idea why?

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ok thats what i though i will try using the sat nav tomorrow with the dvd out and see if it still works if not no use taking up the hd space :)

Loaded it with the harry potter audio books today to listen to on the drive to EOS central (birmingham) to see MIL and it was fab :)
I believe that the maps inc UK and Europe so that might be more than they can fit on the cd/dvd disk in the machine.

The unit is just so amazing and well worth the money.

The traffic alert system on my husbands 18month old passat does not work, the system on the Eos is top knotch. Tonight on the way home an accident closed the M6 at the junction we needed to get off on and closed the road.

We got an alert on the screen before we saw the police car and red stopping lights. Minutes but still if we had been thinking it would have been time to take the previous exit and allow us to get out of the traffic. The little map showed stationary cars which was cute. And we were able to go back and check the status of the road 20 min later :)

The maps are clear and the whole thing is well designed.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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