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A pillar leak fixed

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I guess it's fixed. I haven't tested it yet. This is what was on the shop work order report.

Customer states top is leaking where top meets windshield, both sides.

Seal at windshield not sealed properly.
Checked for signs of leak. Removed both A pillars and roof trim. Water tested and found leak at seal over A pillars.
Checked seals and found seals coming away from surface. Sent vehicle to body shop to have seal repaired.

That's all it says. I would like to have read, "body shop sent car back, seal was fixed, no more leak" Oh well I'll see what happens. Looks like they may have fixed it. The leak was a very slow drip/run down both A pillars. My wife took it,I haven't even had time to look at it, I'll let you know what happens.
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Can I ask how much the car cover cost & what they charged to get it to the US? I'm seriously considering the purchase.
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