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A very noisy - squeaky - roof ... desperate

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Dear all, I wonder if anyone has experienced the problem I have and can help me find a solution, as four trips to my VW dealer has not!

I have an EOS from October 2007, and since the beginning I have been plagued by continuous squeaking of the roof from both sides whenever I hit the smallest of bumps in the road. As far as I can tell, it seems most likely to be the rubber roof seal moving against the top of the windows. It seems to be worst in cold & dry conditions and disappears when it is wet (the water presumably reduces the friction). Interestingly it also stops within 50 meters of my VW dealership :)

VW have tried to fix it four times - each time presumably adjusting the position of the roof, but nothing improves it. As my warranty runs out in October, I am starting to worry.

I can only assume that either the roof is wrongly positioned or loose somehow, although it opens and closes perfectly. Or, the position of the windows is either too high or too low, or something... I am quite lost.

Has anyone out there experienced anything similar? Is there a cure? Or at least a diagnosis/theory I can share with the mechanics?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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Make sure you are well lubricated on the seals... Also, sit someone in the back and get them to push down the back of the parcel shelf where the rear window sits on it. That is where some rattles come from. I have a fix for that which is elsewhere in the forum.
With the exception of Rathbod's apparent rattle when roof is open (which sounds unlikely to even be the roof to be honest), lubrication would have stopped/prevented the others.
Sorry Rathbod... Didn't mean to cause you offence! I used apparent as it esssentially means actual (ish)... You read what I wrote as if I said "alleged rattle"!!

If something is apparrent, it means its there/exists. However, I did use it before a noun, so I can see how I shouldn't have used it in that context. :)
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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